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Virtual Christmas Concert 2020!

Suzuki School of the Arts Virtual Christmas Recital Guidelines

Thank you for participating in the SSA Virtual Christmas Recital! We will premiere the recital on December 17, 2020 on YouTube with a Zoom reception at 7 PM. Here are some guidelines for preparing your piece for the recital.

  • Selections can be a holiday favorite or any piece of your choosing, but must be less than 3 minutes in length.

  • Wear something festive, or something with solid colors in styles that limit “wardrobe malfunctions”

  • Choose a location to film that allows for good sound, good lighting, and shows a background that is not too distracting (i.e., not in front of the television, in the bathroom, etc.)

    • “Good” sound = a space with good acoustics and no additional background noises

    • “Good” lighting = enough light to see you on the video and for you to see to play. Light should be on your face, not behind you (unless you are standing in front of a Christmas tree. You still need light on your face even then.)

    • Pianists and cellists, as well as families playing in ensemble, may be more limited on space options. You may need to add a lamp or hang a blanket/curtain behind you to make a good recording.

    • NOTE: If there are privacy concerns focus on their hands/instrument and leave out their face OR make a note that they do not want to be seen when they submit the video and I will put a generic Christmas picture over the video. They also can submit audio only.

  • To avoid unwanted “distractions”...

    • Put the pets in another space where they cannot be seen or heard.

    • Make sure everyone knows that you are filming and avoids the space while you are recording, including young children who may need to be in another space. For older children, youth, and adults, it is important to know that you are filming so they can avoid the space (unless they are helping you film.)

    • Make sure any noise making devices (phones, tablets, computers, TVs, watches, etc.) are silenced so that your performance is all that we can hear.

  • Place your recording device (phone, tablet, camera, etc.) on a steady surface or use a tripod. Only have someone hold it as a last resort to eliminate shaking.

  • Say your name and the name of your piece loudly and clearly. Young students may need “assistance” from a parent or sibling.

  • After recording, wait a second or two before getting up and moving. This is so that there is room to edit and make transitions.

  • When you are ready to submit, you can do that a few different ways:

  • Please submit your recordings by Friday, December 11th.

  • Share the virtual recital with friends and family and join us at the virtual reception!


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