Suzuki School of the Arts is a private, non-profit, 501c(3) organization offering a quality music program that provides instruction in violin, viola, cello, guitar and piano. Please feel free to take advantage of our open door policy, and observe lessons and classes at any time. SSA does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, creed, national or ethnic origin, disability, or socioeconomic status.

PURPOSE • The purpose of Suzuki School of the Arts, Inc. is to provide quality music instruction in a positive and nurturing manner, utilizing the family oriented Suzuki method and philosophy.

MISSION STATEMENT • The goal of the Suzuki School of the Arts, Inc. is to ensure that quality instruction is available not only to its own students, but that it becomes available to a wider segment of the community, including the handicapped and the economically disadvantaged, through programming and scholarship development.

PHILOSOPHY • The philosophy of the Suzuki School of the Arts, Inc. is based on the philosophy and principles of the Suzuki method of teaching, developed by Dr. Shinichi Suzuki. Dr. Suzuki believed that everyone is born with an ability to learn and that this ability can be developed through proper nurturing. Based on the belief that all individuals can learn and love to learn if teaching is exciting, interesting, and challenging, the Suzuki philosophy leads each student to discover his or her own unique gifts and talents. Confidence acquired through the mastering of skills enables all students to achieve the highest standards while enjoying the process in an environment of mutual respect. The blending of excellence in instruction with sensitivity to each student's needs enables the students to achieve their full potential. Embracing the family in all aspects of the Suzuki methodology generates a closesness for student and family; involving the community promotes a sense of interdependence; and inspiring a belief in the value of all persons creates an interconnectedness with the world.



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