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Summer Lessons Registration is now available

Please let all of your friends know about the Summer Term,

now is a GREAT time to start with Suzuki School!

May 31st-August 27th, 2021

Summer Lessons are a smart way to progress your music education without the distraction of schoolwork and the pressures of the school year. Many students choose summer as a time to set special goals and put in a little extra time on their instrument. Students who do not continue lessons during the summer risk losing their motivation and have to work harder in the fall to catch up with where they were before. Please note that students who take summer lessons are more likely to have a slot in their teacher’s fall schedule. SSA does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, creed, national or ethnic origin, disability, or socioeconomic status.

Scheduling Teachers will contact you to schedule your summer lessons before your first lesson. Please send in your form as soon as possible to reserve your slots. If you wish to begin lessons with us after the summer has started then we need your registration form before your first lesson.

Missed Lessons Once summer lessons are scheduled, there will be no make-ups for missed summer lessons. Teachers will be reasonable, but if you forget a lesson or choose not to come at the scheduled time then you forfeit that lesson. Feel free to call your teacher and switch a lesson time with another person if you know ahead of time that you will have to miss a lesson.

Our teachers request that you sign up for at least 6 summer lessons as time allows.


OPTION 1- Six 30 minute lessons $180

OPTION 2- Ten 30 minute lessons $300

OPTION 3- Four 45 minute lessons $180

Additional 30 minute lessons are $30 each

All balances from the Academic Year must be paid in full before summer lessons begin.

Summer lessons must be pre-paid before the first lesson, or make arrangements with Tenley.

Payment Options

Checks payable to SSA can be delivered to the teacher, or mailed to SSA PO Box 3589, Hickory, NC 28603

For Credit and Debit Cards- at your request, Tenley will email you a PayPal invoice to use your card.


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