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Notes for the Week October 4th-8th, 2021

Group Lessons Week

Lessons Schedule

October 4th-8th- Group Week

October 11th-15th- Regular Lessons

October 18th-22nd- Regular Lessons

October 25th-29th-Group Week

Office Hours

The office will be open from 12pm-4pm Monday through Friday. Morning hours will be by appointment.

Piano Students will remain with Private Lessons this week. Please contact Jessica Stamey if you have questions.

Violin/Viola/Cello Group Lessons Schedule


4:30pm All Violin/Cello/Viola All Levels

5:30pm: Advanced Class All instruments all levels

6:30pm: Orchestra


4:30pm Fiddle

5pm All instruments all levels

6pm Orchestra & Ensembles Class

If you have a question about which group you need to attend, please contact Nan Freeman 828 308 0118

Safety Protocols

We kindly request that you wear a mask to your lessons. Handwashing is strongly encouraged as well as social distancing.

If you or someone in your household is feeling ill, please refrain from attending lessons in person. Your teacher will have suggestions for how to keep up to date with lessons and practice.

We will continue to offer lessons via the internet for those who wish to do so.

Kid’s Fun

INITIAL GAME - Take a piece of poster board and draw a large first letter of your child's name. Inside the letter make blocks with tasks and songs so that you again have your very own tailor-made board game!

Parent’s Corner

“This French Pianist Has Been Playing for 102 Years and Just Released a New Album” by Eleanor Beardsley

Published at

Community Events

Western Piedmont Symphony Masterworks I October 9th, 2021 for details on tickets.

Amazon Smile

For those of you who shop online with Amazon, you can help Suzuki School of the Arts by using Amazon Smile. We are an eligible 501©(3) organization. Simply use your regular Amazon information to log in with Amazon Smile and be sure to select Suzuki School of the Arts as the benefiting organization of your choice. Thank you for supporting our organization!


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