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Notes for the Week April 27th-May 1st, 2020 Regular Lessons Week via Internet

26 Days until Practice Trophies are awarded

Lessons Schedule

April 27th-May 1st- Regular Lessons Week

May 4th-8th- Regular Lessons Week

May 11th-15th- Regular Lessons Week

May 18th-21st- Regular Lessons week with some groups

Ma 25th-29th- Make up lesson week

Office Hours

Office will be closed on site. Tenley will be checking emails and text messages.

Suzuki School of the Arts will be following the public schools’ schedule and we will be teaching remotely via the internet. No lessons, rehearsals, etc will be held at Suzuki School until after May 15th, 2020 or when the governor of NC declares that NC public schools will reopen.

100 Days Practice Club- Deadline for trophy submission Monday May 4th-

Have you practiced for 100 days in a row? More? Email Tenley with how many days you have practiced and we will award you with a trophy. If you will have 100 days practiced in a row by May 20 then we will honor your submission. Students have been awarded with trophies for over 1,000 days before!

Summer lessons- Registration opens online on Friday May 1st.

Practice Tip of the Week

CIRCLE ROUND - Start on one side of a chair or piece of furniture. Play a piece and go to the next side. If the piece is terrific you can advance to the next side, if not, you should go back a step. With each well played piece, you go around to another side of the furniture. The object is to get back to the starting point.

Amazon Smile

For those of you who shop online with Amazon, you can help Suzuki School of the Arts by using Amazon Smile. We are an eligible 501©(3) organization. Simply use your regular Amazon information to log in with Amazon Smile and be sure to select Suzuki School of the Arts as the benefiting organization of your choice. Thank you for supporting our organization!

Save the Date

2021 SSA TOUR TO ITALY - April 1 - 10, 2021

Good news and special announcements!

This is Ted. He's the newest Freeman Dog. His personal motto is "Be excellent to each other"

Michelle Walling (cello) got an A on her first PY416 test!! Congratulations we are so proud of you!

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