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Suzuki School of the Arts Notes for the Week September 24th-28th, Regular Week

Lessons Schedule

September 24th-28th- Regular Week

October 1st-5th- Group Week

October 8th-12th- Regular Week

October 15th-19th- Regular Week

October 22nd- 26th- Regular Week

October 29th-Nov 2nd- Regular Week

Office Hours

Monday- Friday 9am-12pm

*The Suzuki Office will be closed Thursday and Friday this week.

Spring Tour 2019- Scotland

For more information, contact Nan Freeman, 828 308 0118 or

Concert Program

Our Concert Program is well under way, so please contact Tenley in the Suzuki office if you are interested in purchasing an Ad. A business card size ad is $50 and a sponsorship line is only $25. Our program will debut at our Fall Workshop on October 26th and it will be seen by folks from a 5 state area.

Upcoming Performance

October 13th (Saturday)- Monday Family Farm 3pm and 4pm, students should wear their red Suzuki polo shirt and black pants. We will be performing selected pieces from the performance list posted on the Suzuki School bulletin board.

Fall Workshop- October 26th & 27th

Come join us as we welcome Master Teachers Betsy Fee-Elliott (violin), and Chris Fiore (cello) to work with our students and Suzuki students from a 5 state area! More details to come.

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