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Suzuki School of the Arts Notes for the Week November 13th-17th, 2017

Lessons Schedule

November 13-17- Group Week

November 20-24- Thanksgiving break, no lessons

November 27-December 1- Regular Week

Office Hours

Monday-Friday 9am-11:50am

Tenley can answer phone and emails until 5pm weekdays

Piano Group Class- Saturday December 9th- St Lukes

Violin/Viola/Cello Group Schedule

Tuesday 4:30 All book 1 violin students

Tuesday 5:30 All book 2-10 violin students

Tuesday 5:30 All viola and cello students

Thursday 4:30 All violin, viola, cello students of all levels

Thursday 5:30 Beginning Reading group for those students beginning to read music and ready to start in a pre-orchestra experience

Thursday 5:30 Advanced Reading Ensemble for adults and more advanced reading students. This group will be with music comparable to the music we played last year.


Christmas concert- December 12th at 6:30pm in the St Luke’s UMC Sanctuary.

Special Events

Barnes and Noble Bookfair-

Come help us raise money for Suzuki School. We will have a code that is active at any Barnes and Noble location and online sales. If you use the code at checkout then 10% of the sale goes towards Suzuki School!

We are performing at Barnes and Noble in December more details to come!

Special Accomplishments

Have you aced your spelling test? Played your instrument for a family gathering or church? We want to know about what you’re doing that you’re proud of! Just email Tenley in the Suzuki office and we’ll put your name and accomplishment in our weekly newsletter!


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