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Notes for the Week September 28th-October 2nd, 2020

Notes for the Week

September 28th-October 2nd, 2020

Regular Lessons Week

Lessons Schedule

September 28th-October 2nd- Group Lesson Week

October 5th-9th- Regular Lessons

October 12th-16th- Regular Lessons

October 19th- 23rd- Regular Lessons

October 26th-30th- Group Lesson Week

Office Hours

Office will be closed on site. Tenley will be checking emails and text messages.

Our teachers at Suzuki School will be communicating with their students as to whether they have lessons in person or via the internet. Each teacher has a specific set of criteria as to what is needed for in person lessons and it has been designed with your health in mind. Please call your teacher to discuss your preferences and you can make a plan together for how to start this year.

Group Lessons Week Schedule

Guitar- Check with Paul

Piano- Regular Lessons until further notice


*All classes will be virtual, however there will be limited sign ups for any student who wants to come to class in person. Please contact Nan 828 308 0118 if you would like to attend any class in person.

Tuesday September 29th

4:30pm- 5:15pm- All Violins All levels

5:30pm-6:15pm- All Cello and Viola all levels

Thursday October 1st

4:30pm-5:15pm- All Violin/Viola/Cello all levels

5:30pm- Orchestra

6:30pm-Quartet for Advanced Violin/Viola/Cello Students

Kid’s Fun

KEEPING TRACK OF BUSINESS - Sometimes keeping track of music, practice charts, etc. can be a challenge and that makes it hard to get it to your lesson. Get a special tote bag to keep all music items in that can easily be picked up on your way out the door to lesson. It keeps everything nice and organized and saves on stress for all concerned.

Parent’s Perspective

“Dealing with Perfectionism in Suzuki Students”

Written by Alan Duncan

Featured on the Suzuki Association of the Americas website

Amazon Smile

For those of you who shop online with Amazon, you can help Suzuki School of the Arts by using Amazon Smile. We are an eligible 501©(3) organization. Simply use your regular Amazon information to log in with Amazon Smile and be sure to select Suzuki School of the Arts as the benefiting organization of your choice. Thank you for supporting our organization!


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