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Notes for the Week August 31st-September 4th First Week of the Year!

Lessons Schedule

August 31st-September 4th-Group Lessons/Orientation Week

*We will send you information this weekend about when and where lessons will take place this week!

Office Hours

Office will be closed on site. Tenley will be checking emails and text messages.

Our teachers at Suzuki School will be communicating with their students as to whether they have lessons in person or via the internet. Each teacher has a specific set of criteria as to what is needed for in person lessons and it has been designed with your health in mind. Please call your teacher to discuss your preferences and you can make a plan together for how to start this year.

Academic Year Registration is open online under the Register Now page or find links to the online forms on our homepage. This year you will use a form that is specific to your teacher.

Tuition Raffle-Drawing will be at 12pm on Friday September 4th! (Extension)

If you make your first payment or full tuition payment by this deadline you will be entered into a raffle for a chance to win $100 towards your tuition this year with Suzuki School.

Kid’s Fun

THEORY MEMORY - Make up a matching memory game with musical symbols on the cards. Play just like the kids game, Memory.

Parent’s Perspective

Tiny Desk Concerts

Featured on the NPR website

Looking for a variety of quality music? This video series features a wide selection of instruments and musicians and they can be a delightful way to spend the afternoon listening with your children.

Amazon Smile

For those of you who shop online with Amazon, you can help Suzuki School of the Arts by using Amazon Smile. We are an eligible 501©(3) organization. Simply use your regular Amazon information to log in with Amazon Smile and be sure to select Suzuki School of the Arts as the benefiting organization of your choice. Thank you for supporting our organization!

Save the Date

2021 SSA TOUR TO ITALY - April 1 - 10, 2021

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