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A Note from the Suzuki Team about Fall 2020

Dear Suzuki Families,

We are looking forward to welcoming you back to lessons this fall! This summer we have been brainstorming on ways to improve your music education experience during the pandemic while keeping everyone safe. Since our teachers see students from several surrounding counties, if one of our staff is ill the potential to spread the infection is far reaching.

Due to safety concerns over COVID 19 we will have some new protocols in place.

1. From now on you will always have the option to have a lesson via the internet. Even if your teacher is teaching lessons in person, if you would like to have a lesson online that will be a viable option for you.

2. Our teachers each have a different plan for when they will teach in person. This is based on several factors individual to the teacher and is designed to keep our students healthy. Please discuss your preferences with your teacher so that you can come up with a plan together for how to have lessons.

3. Masks are to be worn by teachers, students, parents, and all other people who enter the Suzuki classroom buildings. If there is a medical or other reason why a mask is not suitable for someone to wear, please let the Suzuki teacher know so that he/she can make adjustments.

4. We recommend at least 6 feet social distance from the Suzuki teacher and family at all times.

5. If you, your child, or another family member is feeling ill please contact your teacher and arrange to have a lesson via the internet or at another time. We will have a more flexible policy on make up lessons this year due to the circumstances.

Online Registration for the Fall opens on Monday August 3rd at 12pm. This year students will sign up for lessons with forms that are specific to an individual teacher.

We will still be having the annual tuition raffle with the prize being $100 towards tuition for the year with Suzuki School. The deadline to have your first payment in is Friday August 28th at 12pm.

The first week of lessons will start on August 31st. Your teacher will let you know if there will be a group lesson or private lessons that week.

Thank you for your patience and support. We love you all and are looking forward to seeing your smiling faces!


The Suzuki Staff

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