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Suzuki School of the Arts Notes for the Week October 9th-13th, 2017

Lessons Schedule

October 9-13- Regular Lessons

October 16-20- Regular Lessons

October 23-27- Group Week

October 30-November 3- Regular Week

Office Hours

Monday-Friday 9am-11:50am

Tenley can answer phone and emails until 5pm weekdays

Piano Group Lessons

Saturday October 21st at St Luke’s UMC in the Sunday School Classrooms. Please ask Cathy about your group time and don’t forget the code to the door lock!

New Resources

Suzuki Parent Blog-

This is written by Christine Goodner and it is a wonderful resource for practice tips and Suzuki Philosophy.

Suzuki Podcast- Teach Suzuki Podcast by Paula E. Bird

This podcast is suitable for any Suzuki parent who is interested in the Philosophy behind our teaching. Tenley highly recommends it.


Oktoberfest-Saturday October 14th 1pm in the “Kids area” near the Post office

Wear your red Suzuki Polo Shirt and black pants. Meet us at 12:30pm to tune. Playlist and rain plans will be announced soon!

Special Accomplishments

Congratulations and good job to Carolina Endsjo for singing beautiful solos at St Aloysius Catholic Church last weekend!

Have you aced your spelling test? Played your instrument for a family gathering or church? We want to know about what you’re doing that you’re proud of! Just email Tenley in the Suzuki office and we’ll put your name and accomplishment in our weekly newsletter!

Fall Workshop-October 27th & 28th 2017 Early Bird Discount deadline October 9th.

We’re having Fall Workshop early this year! Please mark your calendars for this event and sign up online at under the Workshop Page.

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