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Suzuki School of the Arts Notes for the Week August 28th-September 1st, 2017

Lessons Schedule

August 28-September 1- Summer Lessons

September 4-8- Group lessons

September 11-15- Regular Lessons

September 18-22-Regular Lessons

September 25-29- Regular lessons

Office Hours

Monday-Friday 9am-11:50am

Tenley can answer phone and emails until 5pm weekdays

Summer News

Summer is coming to a close, have you registered for your lessons yet?

Fall Registration-August 1st! Pay Tuition early and have a chance to win a prize!

The Suzuki School academic year begins after Labor Day in September 2017.

Fall Registration will open online in August 2017. Visit to access the forms. We will have a Tuition Raffle in September for the families that pay their tuition in full or their first payment by Thursday August 31st, 2017.

September 4th-8th- 1st group week! No Fall kickoff this year

This year we are going to dive right in to group lessons in order to get ready for our first performance at Bethlehem Day on September 16th. More details about this week will come, but mark your calendars in advance!

Piano Groups- Friday September 8th- please contact Cathy for details about which group you should attend.

Violin/Viola/Cello Groups

Tuesday 4:30 All book 1 violin students

Tuesday 5:30 All book 2-10 violin students

Tuesday 5:30 All viola and cello students

Thursday 4:30 All violin, viola, cello students of all levels

Thursday 5:30 Beginning Reading group for those students beginning to read music and ready to start in a pre-orchestra experience

Thursday 5:30 Advanced Reading Ensemble for adults and more advanced reading students. This group will be with music comparable to the music we played last year.

Guitar Groups-Check with Paul for details

Special Accomplishments

Have you aced your spelling test? Played your instrument for a family gathering or church? We want to know about what you’re doing that you’re proud of! Just email Tenley in the Suzuki office and we’ll put your name and accomplishment in our weekly newsletter!

Concert Program

Next fall will be our 7th year printing a concert program. This fundraiser makes it possible for us to have free performances, trophies for the 100 days practice club, scholarships for families in financial need, and purchases new materials to help us learn.

Please contact Tenley in the Suzuki Office if you would like to purchase an ad for the program. If every family purchased an ad then we would meet our fundraising goals for the year!

Fall Workshop-October 27th & 28th 2017 registration now open!

We’re having Fall Workshop early this year! Please mark your calendars for this event and sign up online at under the Workshop Page.

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