The Suzuki Parent–Teacher–Student triangle is the core of Suzuki education. All SSA teachers have extensive training on how to maintain a strong relationship between the teacher and parent, teacher and student, and student and parent. Responsibilities for each person in the triangle are carefully determined by the teacher to meet the needs of each family. Parents often find that a Suzuki education is a great bonding experience between them and their children. The teacher will be a parent's greatest resource for questions about practice time, motivation, lessons, and performing.

HOME TEACHER • For the young Suzuki student, parents are encouraged to guide the home practice sessions, and listen to the Suzuki CDs with the student. Parents are welcome to take video and sound recordings during lessons to further help home practice. The teacher will give easy instructions on how to make home practice time productive and fun. No previous music experience is required of the parent.

LESSON RECORDER • As the Suzuki student develops more independence musically and physically, parents will still participate in the lesson as a note taker. Parents are still encouraged to guide the home practice sessions and listen to the Suzuki CDs, however the student will have more personal responsibilities during his/her home practice time.

CHEERLEADER • At all Suzuki student levels, the parent is encouraged to be a cheerleader, a positive motivator. Once the Suzuki student reaches the teenage years and early adulthood, more responsibility is placed on the student for home practice time and listening of the CD. Parents are no longer required to participate in the lessons, but are still welcome to observe. The responsibility of the parent at this stage is to provide gentle encouragement and good listening ears as the student develops independent practice and performance skills.



Each of these classes are included with your Academic Year Tuition.

We offer music instruction in Violin, Viola, Cello, Piano, & Guitar

Private Lessons

Offered once a week.

 A lesson with one student, their parent or guardian, and the teacher. Private lessons are generally 30 minutes in length, but may be lengthened as the student becomes more advanced. Private lessons are offered weekly during the academic term, except during "Group Week," when the student is expected to attend his/her group class. Fiddle playing is a popular supplemental component to regular lessons and occasionally group lessons.

Group Lessons

Once a month in lieu of private lesson.

Group lessons are offered once a month and are an opportunity for students to learn to play with others who are at a similar playing level. Each group lesson is approximately one hour in length and is attended by students, their parents or guardians, and one or more teachers. All students are expected to attend their group class each month.


Ensembles are offered during group weeks as enrollment allows.

Adult Orchestra    A monthly group class uniquely designed for all the school's adult students who are at different playing levels and who play different instruments.

Junior Youth Orchestra    Offered during group week, Junior Youth Orchestra is primarily for younger students with some note reading experience; however, all ages are welcome. Participants will study easy music pieces in a multiple instrument setting.

Chamber Music Class   Offered to advanced students during group week. Students learn to play music with others in a chamber music setting while being coached by an experienced teacher. Chamber music coaching is also available for established chamber groups.

Beginning Guitar Ensemble    Students are matched according to performing levels by their teachers in a once a month class offered in lieu of a group lesson.

Advanced Guitar Ensemble    Advanced guitar students are matched according to their performance level by their teacher in a once a month class offered in lieu of a group lesson.



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